2nd Firebird generation

The second generation Pontiac Firebird was delayed until the end of February, 1970 because of some engineering problems. Second generation changed Bird’s styling from Coke bottle like to swoopy one which was characterized with large C-pillar until 1975. Later rear window was enlarged and pillar got smaller.  The second Firebird also had quite a …..

Firebird models/editions

Below is a list of known (at the moment) all Firebird models and editions. This list may be updated in time. Main factory models: Firebird (base, V6) (1967-2002) Sprint (1967-1969) Esprit (1970-1981) Formula (1970-1981, 1987-2002) Firebird SE (1982-1986) Trans Am (1969-2002) GM special packages: early engine-focused Firebird 326 (1967-1969) Firebird …..