Firebird models/editions

Below is a list of known (at the moment) all Firebird models and editions. This list may be updated in time. Main factory models: Firebird (base, V6) (1967-2002) Sprint (1967-1969) Esprit (1970-1981) Formula (1970-1981, 1987-2002) Firebird SE (1982-1986) Trans Am (1969-2002) GM special packages: early engine-focused Firebird 326 (1967-1969) Firebird …..

3rd Firebird generation

The third generation was produced from 1982. – 1992. year. Since the federal mandate closed muscle era, GM began a new type of F-body era, which focused on the cars power “restraint.” The third generation was released in three submodel types: Firebird base,  Firebird S/E and Firebird Trans Am. This generation is unique …..