Pontiac Firebird #1 un #2 – ever built

This is how you end the “fight” between Firebird and Camaro – who was built first? The Fast’N’Loud series guys finds the first ever built Pontiac Firebird cars named the #1 (convertible) and #2 (coupe). It might seem that it’s over.. And, yes, it is. But not with this video. Digging through the depth of web and books I found out, that GM started a “quite war” against Ford right after Ford presented Mustang. GM didn’t want to get over taken and hit nothing back, so they created the F-body mystery machine and were working on it till the end of the 1966, when they presented the Camaro. During this time they were working on another car, that could compete in some way with the bigger sister Corvette, but in the end they changed their minds and in the early 1967 the Firebird was born.

Although Camaro and Firebird are alike, first generation differs a lot under the hood. Camaro had chevy’s engines and Firebird had Pontiac built engines. But that was not the only difference – Camaro was a “folk” car, because many people could afford it, at the same time Firebird had more luxurious interior and it was more expensive, so not everyone could afford it.

Although Camaro was produced in 200 000 more units than Firebird and it had wide range of spare parts, Firebird got the biggest attention, so this might the reason why the “battle” exists. Camaro was first, but Firebird got more attention.

Who knows what might have happened if GM allowed full hands on deck for DeLorean with his ideas – he wanted even more luxurious interior, a little bit exterior and ever more bigger engine, than the Pontiac 400. And how would you like your Firebird called “Banshee”? You never know, what it would be like, so watch and enjoy the 2 series parts about those 2 Firebird’s


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